Other Services

Tom Beresford & Sons LTD also offers additional services including:

Log Splitter

Our log splitters are perfect for cutting excess farm and tree wood with ease and speed. They are heavy duty and fitted with a 10 tonne hydraulic ram. The log Splitter has pins which can attach to the back of your tractor and are hydraulically run off your tractor. They are the perfect solution for farmers to save money on heating bills as well as your saving your back in the process.


Agricultural Gates & Fencing

Tom Beresford & Sons LTD started in the mid 70’s supplying agricultural gates and fencing for the farming trade. These services are still available today and the quality of our products speaks for themselves. Our fencing and gates are made to order and can be delivered nationwide. Fencing and Gates are available for fitting within the greater Waterford area.


Cattle Feeding Gates ∞ 5 Bar Gates ∞ 4 Bar Gates ∞ Cattle Pens


We offer maintenance on all trailers, log splitters and agricultural gates & fencing. A full service is available on all trailers with floors repaired all metalwork included as well as replacing flat tyres and paint jobs where necessary. Contact our workshop for more details.


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